Cost effective

An air caster system is a very cost effective transport solution. Compared to the traditional methods it requires a low initial investment and also has little operational costs because there is virtually no wear of the system. 

Time saving

Our customers save a lot of time because they can position their heavy products to 1/16 inch accurate in a fraction of the time needed for their original transport method. Production processes can be made very flexible by applying air caster systems with a very high reliability. 

Heavy and sensitive loads

This form of transportation is often used for internal movement of objects ranging from 200lbs to way over 1,000 tons in all kinds of industries. The transport vehicles can be equipped with a radio remote control option to make a one-man control possible for the biggest of loads. It is also ideal for sensitive, and therefore often expensive, objects because the air casters create no vibration during movement.


Because there is virtually no friction with this transport method, it takes only 1lbs of pulling force to move a weight of 1.000lbs. Aerofilm Systems produces air casters with the lowest building height in the industry, therefore loads can be moved in a safe manner from underneath. 

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