Machine Building Industry

The production landscape has dramatically changed over the past few years. Time to market needs to be reduced in order to keep up with the demand. This is why machine builders want to add more flexibility to their production processes or want to change over to a completely flexible production line. In order to cope with these challenges you can make use of our Modular Air Caster Systems or Air Caster Transport Platforms.

Especially if you produce heavy, fragile and high-tech equipment, moving on air casters is the ideal solution!

Production Flexibilisation

Many machine builders use our systems to transport their machines from one assembly station to the other until their product is completely finished. After complete assembly, the machine is moved towards the testing facility and handed over to the expedition department.


Others use our air caster systems to move sub-assemblies towards a fixed production line to create more flexibility. In this way, they are able to add certain options to the standard machine that they produce and have more variety within one production line.


A third main application is to move the production machinery towards a fixed production line. This also increases the flexibility. Also the exchanging of dies is often done with the help of air caster systems to improve the productivity.

Installation and commissioning

During the final installation and commissioning at the customer’s site air caster systems are used to perform the final positioning. This can be done with millimetre accuracy because the machines can be moved freely in all directions (omnidirectional). In many cases this can be done by two or more people from the staff and there is no need for additional motorized equipment.


The air caster system is also often applied in the Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) industry. For example to move heavy diesel engines or aircraft turbines on air caster through the facility in order to disassemble and re-assemble the parts that need to be repaired.

Modular Air Caster System

Most of the machines already have enough space underneath (minimum 30mm) for the air casters to be placed. After they have been placed, the membrane inflates and lifts the machine from the ground. In the next step, the aircaster will make your complete machine float and you can move and position it in all directions.

PVC or metal sheets can be used in case the floor isn’t air tight or very rough.

When moving machines with a weight exceeding 4.000 kgs we recommend to use external drives to control the load correctly and safely.

What do you get

The Modular Air Caster System consists of a minimum of 4 air casters with a certain capacity. They are connected via air hoses to the control unit. This control unit has a matching number of air regulators to be able to tune the pressure of each individual air caster to the right capacity.

This control unit is connected to your air supply unit by means of an air inlet hose with safety couplings.

All components can be delivered and stored in a compact mobile case.


We have Modular Air Caster Systems in the range from 1 to 240 tonnes and over.

These systems operate with a pressure form 1 to 4 bar and work in the range between 20 and 100% of the maximum capacity. For example; a 24 tonnes system can be used from 5 – 24 tonnes.

Air Caster Transport Platform

Another possibility is to make use of an Air Caster Transport Platform.

This is a complete transport device that can be operated either manually or fully automatic as an Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) on air casters.

It can be equipped with all functionality required to pick up and move your machines easily like; remote control, lifting, positioning, master - slave functionality, etc.. We can also deliver hybrid systems so you can move fully electrical without the load and change over to air casters when needed.

Typical Applications

  • Moving machines between assembly stations
  • Moving sub-assemblies towards a fixed production line
  • Moving production equipment towards a fixed production line
  • Position machinery very accurately and easily during commissioning on site
  • Moving machinery to the testing facility
  • Moving damaged or worn out machines through the MRO workshop

Why use a Modular Air Caster System

  • Costs only 10% of traditional transporting methods
  • Ergonomic due to the low friction
  • Very easy and accurate positioning in a fraction of the traditional time
  • No point loads, so no floor damage
  • No vibration during movement
  • Virtually no wear
  • No damaging exhaust gasses
  • Compact design
  • Applicable in ISO 5 class cleanrooms
  • No permanent installation needed
  • One man operation of the transport equipment